Morning Routine Challenge


Morning Routine Challenge

Without an alarm, I wake up refreshed and ready.
The sun is just starting to rise and I make my way downstairs to take the dogs out.
I love using the quiet moments of the morning to listen to nature while writing in my journal on the porch. After some meditation I practice yoga and maybe go out for a run.
Now that the blood is flowing and I'm energized for the day, I'll make my way into the kitchen to begin preparing breakfast and making some coffee or tea.
Daniel joins me at the breakfast bar and we begin our day.
He'll head to work and I'll make my way to the studio.

Sounds absolutely delightful, doesn't it?

This is my dream morning routine.
Comment below if you saw right through me and knew it wasn't reality ;)
You're either amazing bullshit detectors or this isn't our first encounter.

SO I have this morning dream and I thought why not give it a try?
Of course, I don't have dogs and I can't "make my way downstairs" in a one-story house, but I decided to try out my dream morning.

That's where I made up the Morning Routine Challenge.
In this challenge the first step was to journal about my dream morning and then draft out an equivalent that takes in consideration my current reality. So no dogs, no stairs, and no porch action. Though the birds are quite loud here.
After I had an ideal morning routine drafted out, the next step was to incorporate some help.

I used some apps to guide me and I set up a time where I would go LIVE on either facebook or instagram.

  • I used the app called Fabulous to guide me through my morning routine.
  • I used the app Calm for guided meditations
  • When I wanted guided yoga, I'd open up the app Down Dog.
  • To attempt to not interrupt Daniel in the morning, I used my fitbit silent alarm to wake me up.
  • I went LIVE on FB & Insta to keep me accountable.

My routine on Fabulous looked like this:


The screenshot misses the last couple things which are

  • Eat a Great Breakfast
  • Get Inspired
  • Write My To Do

P.S. this app does way more than just let you detail your morning routine. It's quite helpful in guiding you to make good habits. Definitely check it out.

How did the routine go?

First couple mornings went pretty well. I was tired, but my body just wasn't used to this yet. The rest of the challenge was harder than I thought and there was a day that I just couldn't get up early enough due to a super late night, so I got up in time to get ready for my LIVE and then did my morning routine afterwards. That day didn't go well, I ended up needing to take a nap. I'm not someone that is good at napping, so I usually try to avoid that.

Since the challenge, I've tried continuing the routine. I haven't been super successful at nailing it down, but I'm still trying to work out some of the kinks of this "ideal morning routine" I'm feeling like I'll have it figured out pretty soon.

I've created a YouTube video to chat about all my thoughts on this challenge. Including the struggles.

Please comment on my YouTube video and say hello! If you comment on this blog, too then you'll be double-awesome.

Does a morning routine challenge sound appealing to you? Or maybe another lifestyle related challenge? What is your current routine and how is that different than your ideal?




The Stock Photo Library is ENDING

heart take the wheel - stock photography


Changes are coming and this is the first of just a few notices to let you know that if you want to get all of the stock photos inside the library right now, then you'll want to get a membership now and spend the next few days downloading like crazy!

Because The Heart Library is right around the corner!

Will it have stock photos?
Yes. It will have a more curated selection of high quality photos. Which means not ALL of the current stock photos in the library are disappearing, but a good portion of photos that don't fit the packs + themes will be gone!

Will new photos still be added?
Yes. New packs will be added regularly. Will it still be the 1st & 3rd Friday of 20+ photos? No. The quantity will change and the frequency might/might not change.

What's so new about this Heart Library?
New content! Stock media will be joined with business resources, tips, tutorials, templates, and more!!
While I'm a photographer for brands, I'm also a business strategist that works 1 on 1 with several brands to help them set up their squarespace, create PDF printables, create opt-in systems, figure out their mailchimp, and more.
I can only help so many 1 on 1 people because my hours are limited (I'm still a photographer! lol). So to reach more of you, I'm going to put as much as I can into this membership site.
Lot's of it will be super basic stuff + some just a notch above beginner. So this might not be for everyone. Stay tuned to find out as I release more info!

Will the price change?
No, not yet anyway! I'm keeping it the same through the launch and will likely raise it in the coming months.

What if I'm already a member of your stock library?
Your membership will transfer over keeping it the same rate! You'll still get stock photos in curated packs as I release them on the new membership site. If you don't want anything to do with all the new content, I totally get it and it's totally understandable if you cancel. 


Stock Photo Session - Behind the Scenes

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Stock Photo Session - Behind the Scenes

Stock Photo Session - BTS - Heart take the wheel

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a stock photo session?
Well here's how the process goes at the moment, though my desk area has already changed since this video was taken! Things are always changing around here, I love change.

Step 1.

It starts with a fresh clean slate.
I clean up the studio to allow for a clean mind when starting the session. Clutter from previous sessions/projects get in the way and distract me from the current project.

Step 2.

I gather inspiration, requests, ideas, thoughts from recent prop purchases, vibes, and moods.
Also, I enjoy a little lunch ;)
This step is where I plan out everything so that when it's time to photograph, I'm not wasting time wondering what to shoot next or what props I should include in a set.
I created a handy shot list printable that I use during this step and you can grab one for yourself in the VIP lounge for free. Just join the newsletter here and get it along with all the free stock photos that are waiting inside!
The printable has two sides.
The first side is where you can doodle out how your session should look. The second side has a place for you to list out the props you'll need and notes for the session.

Step 3.

Time to gather up the props on the list and set up the studio for the session!
I grab everything I'll need from the closet or from around the studio and I put it all in one place. It's all about efficiency!
Then I move things around the studio for the scenes I've doodled out in my shot list and go to town!
I currently use mostly artificial light that looks like soft natural light. If you're interested in my lighting setup, leave me a comment and I'll create a post on it for you! I'm thinking a little video tour of how it works and then a list of the products I use.

Step 4.

The final step is to put them all in Lightroom and start the editing process!
After edits, I upload them to the Membership site and send out a newsletter so you all are aware that new stuff is ready for you to download!
If you're not in the membership site, click here to check it out! I currently upload new batches of at least 20 stock photos to the site every 1st & 3rd Friday of the month.

Thanks for checking out this blog post! I hope you can put that shot list printable to use for a project of your own.

For Pinterest purposes:

Behind the Scenes of a Stock Photo Session + Free Shot List Printable -
Behind the Scenes of a Stock Photo Session + Free Shot List Printable -
Behind the Scenes of a Stock Photo Session + Free Shot List Printable -

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Snow Canyon Overlook Location & Sessions


Snow Canyon Overlook Location & Sessions

I'm a little late to the party because most photographers have already been to this beautiful location!

I'm typically creating photos in my home studio, so when I get the chance to have a session outdoors, I take it!

I LOVE where I live! We have the desert beauty including cactus, aloe, lava rocks, red rocks, white rocks, and more red mountains.

First session was with my friend & model Maygen. Find her insta here & facebook here.

The scheduled session was with the client, we had a fun time chatting with a few tourists we bumped into, but mostly were alone on this overlook area.

This location overlooks parts of Snow Canyon State Park, so it's a beautiful location.

It's not terribly hard to get to either, it's just a turn off the UT-18 road that takes you up towards Veyo where you can get an awesome pie ;)

It's a dirt road, but not a problem for cars. It's a short road and you can drive right up to the location.

If you find yourself in the Southern Utah area and want to check it out, message me and we'll check it out!

Meanwhile, congratulate this lady right here, because these were her graduation photos!

If you're in the Southern Utah location and have a desert/nature/boho type brand, this would be a perfect location for some branding portraits!!

Pin one of the below photos to save this location idea & support my business!


My Experience at Movara Fitness Resort


My Experience at Movara Fitness Resort

Movara just recently launched a new one-day program called Mfit, which is offered on Saturdays. It essentially gives you a taste of everything that the one-week structured program has to offer. The day kicks off with a body assessment , followed by a delicious healthy breakfast, then a beautiful hike in the red rocks of Southern Utah.
— Movara

I was invited to try out Movara's new Mfit program and I was excited and nervous.
Guys, it's been a couple years since I was serious about my fitness!!
How many of you remember that I used to run a health & wellness blog?!? BONUS POINTS if you do!

How many of you would be nervous about visiting a fitness resort?
If that's YOU, then I got you! I'm going to tell you how it all went down!

Cactus photo because I love cactus 

First, as soon as I was registered, they emailed me a list of things to help me pack and get prepared. 
Some things on the list included a hydration pack (thank goodness I brought that!), sunscreen, extra clothes for different activities, and flip flops.

I packed all my stuff in a duffle bag and brought a lock because I didn't know what the storage options would be.
They assign you a body analysis time before all the activities begin. They basically cover your measurements and the fancy machine prints out a cool paper that tells you info about where you're at and what you would benefit from.

Us gals in the program that day hung out and got to know each other while filling out our forms.

Here's the schedule!

7am - Breakfast
8am - Core Training - Court
9am - Fitness Hike - Meet in Front
12:15pm - Lunch - Dining Room
1:30pm - Nutrition Tools - Lecture Hall
2:30pm - Treading - Cardio Gym
3:30pm - Tabata - Court
4:30pm - Foam Roller - Court
5:30pm - Dinner - Dining Room

Let me just say, I pretty much felt like I was finished after the hike!
The Nutrition lecture was my favorite perspective on healthy living. I won't try and sum it up here. I'll do you one better and give you a link to their three-part blog posts on the topic of nutrient density by the Registered Dietitian at Movara, Emily Fonnesebeck. Click here to learn.

The treading class kicked my ass then tabata felt like a fatality move in Mortal Kombat. 

We lucked out with a bonus Zuma time afterwards. Even though we were all pretty much dead, we danced it out anyway!
A live video of us all dancing our exhausted butts off:

Afterwards, it was time for the foam roller. I'm no stranger to the foam roller so I knew the good pain that was coming to me!

If you thought we all ate dinner and went home, you're wrong! We also all booked either a massage or facial! #earnedit
I have never even experienced a massage before, so that's the route I took. You can guess that it felt amazing after the day I had!! 

In the end, I was happy to go home. I could barely move (the next few days were sore ones!). And I was pushed passed my comfort zone and its comfort zone and the buffer cushion around that ;)
I'm craving the lifestyle that they brought back to my attention. You better bet that I'll be blogging more about it! I believe a business owner needs to focus on their health. What's the point of working for myself if I can't make time for the lifestyle I desire!?!

As business owners we get carried away with the hustle we do at our computers. I'm convinced that it's the big picture hustle that actually gets us where we want to be. That hustle we do in our LIFE is the one that makes mountains move.

If you're in the Southern Utah area or want a fitness vacation, Movara is where you want to be!

Comment if you would try out a fitness resort!

See the same day from another point of view, Crystal Escobar over at the Wannabe Balanced Mom blogged about it here!


One year of my styled stock photo library business


One year of my styled stock photo library business 1 year Anniversary in Numbers + GIVEAWAY of 1 full year of membership

1 year anniversary of Heart take the Wheel styled stock library in numbers!

That's crazy, right?

I can't believe I started this stock library one whole year ago!
As a way to celebrate, I put together this cute graphic, I danced around the studio, and I decided it was a perfect day for some specials!!

While I was figuring out all the stats for the year in numbers graphic, I found out which photos were the members favorites! I took into consideration number of downloads, uses, and what some members straight up emailed me about. I wanted to gather the 10 most popular stock photos, but a few tied! So I bring you 12 of the most popular styled stock photos in my library today!!

Grab them for $22

This is perfect for those of you who are interested in my stock photos, but don't want to subscribe to a monthly thing. I got you!!

Members don't need to buy this pack, they've got them + access to nearly 600 stock photos in the library!

Not a member and want in? Get in for just $20/mo or $200/yr!  Click here

Giveaway time!!!



Countdown to black friday - day 3 of 3

Hello beautiful people! This is day 3 of the countdown to black friday.

AKA Thanksgiving!

thanksgiving heart take the wheel

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving if you celebrate this holiday, if not then I hope your Thursday was the best Thursday ever. 

So now that I've partially recovered from my turkey-induced-coma, I'm ready to get to work!
I've created a little video for you guys on this countdown to black friday day 3!! 
On day three we're diving into yet another fun way to utilize stock photos in your business/brand. This method is a fun one to add your own personal touch to the photos!

Before I give it all away, go ahead and watch the video. Please let me know what you think of this or if you've already done it before!

As promised in the video, here's your third and final gift for this countdown to black friday!!


  • do you celebrate Thanksgiving?

  • are you excited for black friday sales?



Countdown to Black Friday - day 2 of 3


For day 2 I'm going to show you how I use stock photos on my website! Hopefully this gives you some idea of how you might be able to use stock photography!

Now let's start jazzing up your site & blog!

The top example is from my VIP opt-in page! Opt-in pages are a perfect place to pop an image in. Even if you're just starting to build up your website/business/brand, you should at least have a cover page for collecting emails to let people know of your upcoming launch!

The second example is a header/banner photo for my Custom Stock Photo info page. Stock photos with items on the left or right hand side are a perfect fit for banner images!

Third example is from my home page, I use stock photos designed on Canva in squares with text to create buttons to help new site visitors know where to go if they need some more info. 

The last example is from yesterday's blog post. Here I use a stock photo to break up the text. I'm a big fan of breaking up blog posts to make it easier on readers as well as more visually appealing. You can upload a full image and then use Squarespace photo editor to crop it down to a smaller size or you can use an Etsy cover photo template from Canva to create a batch of them to add to your blog posts whenever needed!

Hopefully these examples sparked some ideas of how you can use stock photos! 

Are you interested in getting access to a library full of stock photos to use? Stay tuned for my upcoming black friday sale!!

Here's your gift for day 2! *hint* it's a stock photo used in one of the examples!


  • What ways do you/would you use stock photos?!?

  • What's your website!?



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Countdown to Black Friday Sales - day 1 of 3

Hello Everyone!!!

Who out there has a ton of promotions to run right now?

Who's trying to buffer up some posts to social media so you can build more hype for your upcoming black friday sale!?

I know I'm in that boat!

I totally have a black friday sale coming up. I know that during this sale time of year, it can be a little overwhelming trying to figure out what is a good fit for you & what's just on a good sale [regardless of the product/service, sometimes good sales are just hard to pass up!].

SO I've decided to give you a little help.

If you've been on the fence about investing in stock photography, these black friday countdown posts will be perfect for you to see how this could work for you!

So check out the video below and let's get this show on the road!!

Comment Challenge:

  1. Leave a link to your business

  2. Let us know if you'll be having a black friday sale!

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Blues, Golds, & Coffee Inspired Stock Photos


Blues, Golds, & Coffee Inspired Stock Photos

The newest batch of stock photos feel very lifestyle to me. Calming and full open to creativity!
I can't wait to see what you members create with them!

The green cactus in a blue pot came from Ikea.
Some of the gold props came from T.J.Maxx and others came from Michael's & a store called Tai Pan Trading.

The crystal minerals came from a local area called the glitter pit where you can mine this stuff for fun!
I've added a few photos of us going out to the glitter pit! It's hard to really see it, but the entire place is shimmering and "glittery" though the phone tries to dull its shine. 
How dare it!



most recent free stock photo for the VIP list

most recent free stock photo for the VIP list

Now, for all you stock photo hoarders out there, I have just the newsletter for you!!
My VIP list gets a free stock photo every month (at least). Some holidays, I give my VIP list a little extra free goodies.
There's also this special feature for VIP list peeps called the VIP lounge!! It's where all the free monthly photos go, so you don't need to worry about what awesome free stock photos you missed by signing up late in the game ;)
It's like your own little free stock photo library!

Sign up for the VIP list here: 
Here's a peek at the most recent free stock photo!!

Here's the sneak peek of the latest batch in the membership site!! Remember, it's a super affordable $10/mo for access to all the stock photos! Use them for courses, workbooks, digital products, instagram, facebook, videos, blogs, websites, etc...
This batch is so fun! It features my new "wooden" floor style I just added to the studio!
Also, loving the black & wood vibes. More gold is featured as well because I'm in a state of mind where I treat my business like gold!! Then a little blue setup for some contrast to typical colors I shoot with ;) I know a few peeps that are going to love the blue!

P.S. you can totally get a discount when you pay for a full year! $100/year saves you $20.
Also, a little birdie told me that next year the prices might go up a little so grab them now and keep them for life ;)


Boho Inspired Stock Photo Batch!


Boho Inspired Stock Photo Batch!

Recently, I shot a styled session for the editor of Badassery Magazine!
It was a boho desert theme out by the Joshua Trees.
Who knew it would end up being one of my top favorite sessions to date!!!!
Now, I'm looking for more fun people that want the same style session. So if you happen to be or know someone in the Southern Utah area, send me a session inquiry!

Me & Samantha from Badassery Mag celebrating the end of a badass styled session.

The point is, those photos rocked. The style rocked, the people involved rocked, and I wanted to take that badass vibe and put it into my stock photography work.

SO I give you sneak peeks of my latest batch in the membership site!!

Need Boho Stock Photos? Heart take the Wheel just created a batch for her $10/mo membership site!

I think I accomplished my task. I look forward to what the next batch brings!! I'll start shooting them tomorrow, but I'm thinking there will be more gold accents in it! Maybe even some boots because we're getting into boot season. 

if you want some of my stock photos for free, get on my VIP newsletter list! I send out one free photo each month. This month's photo was a big hit! Click here to be a VIP


Bold & Gold


Bold & Gold

I created the bold & gold batch because I wanted to level up my feelings for my business!

I feel it's time to treat my work like gold!

SO I went to a few stores and focused on golden items to style with. Gold stapler, gold pens, gold candles, gold paper clips, gold notebooks, gold folders, and gold jewelry!

Then I photographed them all on black backgrounds to really pop and add a bold feel!

Now, the gold can't be ignored.

Certain things in life & business, scratch that...MOST things in life & business can be helped with a mindset change.

So I challenge you to treat your business like GOLD this October and see what that feels like.
I've been doing it for just a little over a week and it feels SO good to outsource where needed and to up my workflow!

Get these photos in the Membership site for only $10/month! Seriously. $10

Want to add more gold to your business? Level up those stock photos with our new service!
We now have a new service that creates custom, private, stock photography just for you & your business! Learn more about the process for your own batch of specially styled stock photos!!


16 Snapchat ideas: What to snap about when you think you're boring.


16 Snapchat ideas: What to snap about when you think you're boring.

"I don't know what to snap about."

"I don't do anything interesting."

"I'm at home most of the time."

"My job is mostly me sitting at a computer, how can I snap about that?"

Any of these sound familiar? Some of you might be interested in upping your snapchat game, but don't know what to snap about. Some of you think you have to live an interesting life that is 'worthy' of snapping. 
I'm here to tell you that you can snap even if you think you're boring. What may seem boring to you may be interesting to someone else. 
Also, there's an amazing blab about this below for you to watch. It was a round table Q&A all about snapchat from myself, Asia Croson, Paige Poppe, and Jamie Hyatt. Hosted by Melissa Opie. Speaking of Melissa Opie, she offers a free snapchat school teaching you how to use it from step 0. Check it out here.

Snapchat is the ultimate know, like, and trust platform. Think of it as informal vlogging. 
"But what if my face is a mess?" 
This isn't tumblr or instagram, not everything needs to look pretty & professional. Use one of the filters if you're worried. Your followers just like to see what you're up to & how you do life + business. 

Let's get started with some ideas. Now, your routines & business help shape some of your options. So, I've come up with as many generic ones as I could. If you're stuck, please leave a comment with what it is you do & what your days look like and I can give you some more specific ideas!

heart take the wheel_16 snapchat ideas

Let me know if you want another post with general snapchat tips. For example, keeping your photos short and treating your story like an actual story with a beginning, transitions, and end. 

  1. What are you working on? Tell us or show us. 
  2. What is upcoming in your business that you're excited about?
  3. What's inspiring you today? A quote, photo, song, us 
  4. Have morning routines? Like tea, working out, reading, taking a walk, playing with your pet, making breakfast, meditating, journaling, planning your day? Show us in either video clips or 2 second photos. 
  5. outfit of the day (OOTD) and/or face of the day (FOTD) especially for beauty bloggers 
  6. Show us your work. Especially if you're an artist, photographer, stylist, or creator.  
  7. If you work with clients, show them to us (if it's okay with them). It can be as simple as the two of you saying hi to snapchat. You can tell us what you two are doing. You can ask your client for a snapchat testimonial.
  8. Do you have gear in your work? Makeup cases, photo gear, planners/notebooks/pens, anything you have to pack up to get ready for work. Show us that. 
  9. Again with the gear, have a favorite item? 
  10. Snap & write. Write us a note/quote, or just do your planning & regular note taking. 
  11. Use a snap or two to give a tip or mini blurb of a story or info related to what you do. Like a ten second blog post. TIP: when talking to snapchat, I wouldn't recommend using more than 4 snaps in a row. When you are using a few snaps in a row to say something, you can make it fun by sometimes adding in a random filter. Draw. Text out a main point to your snap. Or use visuals. 
  12. Keep yourself accountable. Tell us what you're working on (editing photos, creating a blog post) and report back on it later. Are you finished? How much work is left? Did you hit a snag? 
  13. It's important to take frequent quick breaks when you work from home at a computer, what do you do on your breaks? Think others might benefit? Do you do a specific set of stretches? Have a favorite song to pump you up? Refill your water? Get a snack? Soak up a few minutes of sunshine?
  14. Put a "home spin" on popular snaps you see:
    1. walking to starbucks --> walking to your kitchen
    2. sitting down to work at a coffee house --> sitting down to work at your home office
  15. Favorites. If something is SO good then share it. Think of more than physical products, what about favorite apps, programs, instagram accounts, people....
  16. Big life events. Snapchat is a mix of personal & business life. We want to share in the big moments, too.

If you need more inspiration, simply watch other snapchatters and get ideas of what to share. That's my favorite source of snapchat inspiration. 

I would suggest you play around. The good thing is, it doesn't stick around on a profile or feed. Your snaps are live for only 24hrs.

Follow me on snapchat here.

Leave a Comment:

  • Do you have a tip to share?
  • Which tip will you try?
  • Want more ideas? Share what you do & what your day looks like for some specific suggestions. 


Announcing the VIP lounge + Canva Templates


Announcing the VIP lounge + Canva Templates

The VIP lounge is offered to anyone who signs up to my VIP list! This page will hold everything I offer my VIP list peeps. 

Free stock photo of the month? All of them are on there.
Offers from other awesome bosses online? All in one place. 
Any future worksheets, free e-courses, etc that are offered to my VIP list will also be on this page. 

Think of it as a library for my awesome VIP list! 

Exciting new things are coming to the Awesome Stock Library!!

Heard of Canva, right?? Of course you have. Just about all girl bosses are obsessed and with good reason. Canva is a place to design without any downloaded software or super know-how required. It has a beautiful interface, amazing capabilities, and is quick/easy to use!

I've wanted to create insta-quotes or such designs for the awesome stock library for a while now. However, I've held off because people like to use their own fonts/colors/etc... 

Canva templates are definitely the answer! I'll create a template set and the members of the library will be able to open it up directly in Canva & start manipulating it to their own branding needs! 

Just awesome. So get excited! Not a member? Join for only $26/month.

Leave a Comment:

Do you use & love Canva??


One photo used 4 different ways on Canva


One photo used 4 different ways on Canva

I created yet another awkward video for you on YouTube to show you exactly how I use one image and edit it 4 different ways to get the most out of it. 

This method works on photos with a pure white background. Some of the images in the stock library are pure white and some aren't. 


7 ways I use google keep


7 ways I use google keep

"Haven't heard of it." 

That's what I see most people saying when I or someone else mentions Google Keep. 
I use this multiple times a day. For real, it's one of the first things I download on my phone. I use android, not sure if itunes has it. {someone please tell me in the comments}

Since I use this app/tool/whatever throughout the day, every day for the past couple years, I thought it was only right for me to spread the word and let you know exactly how I use it all the time. 

I'm not going to go over the basics, so if you want to learn more > go here. If you want to get in on the action for yourself > go here

So in a nutshell, you can take a variety of notes in a simplified way with little bells & whistles {but they are enough}. Now on to how I use it. 

#1 to-do lists, obviously

Specifically, I use to-do lists in the following ways: 

  • Global and local lists. Global lists are later stuff, local lists are sooner stuff. 
  • Color coded lists for different projects or businesses. 
  • Packing lists
  • General to-do list with a date as the title. Sometimes my titles turn into "Stop putting this shit off" or "bitch get off your ass and work" or "Do Today, for really real"
  • Shopping lists that remind me of its existence when I go to the store. 

#2 Braindumps

Those stupidly brilliant ideas that come to you when you're in bed? Yea those annoying little shits go right into keep so I can calm my brain down and go to sleep. 
Also, any brain dump for any idea, project, stuff that doesn't even make sense yet, but you know it's there and you don't have time to figure it out right now. That stuff. Oh and random blog post ideas? Yea draft those little buggers in keep. 


#3 Workouts

Workouts I want to do/follow when I get to the gym. I either save the photo or the text and can follow along later. I can even set it to remind me when I get to the gym. Awesome. 
I also record sets/reps/workout details to record to a fitness website later. Or just for personal record. 

#4 Trip Info

That awesome place your friend wants you to check out in Rome? yea you won't remember that. Now you will. SO I've set up info like that, packing lists, don't forgets, etc... in keep with a reminder set a day or so before I take off. Then all that glorious info is fresh on my mind for me to either reset the notification or do whatever it is I needed to do. Make sense?

#5 Link Lists

Online research for whatever, mark what you were doing aka. "job hunting 05-04-16" or "blogs I want to engage with" or "camera shopping" etc...
Add in all the links and random mental notes and when you finally have the time or money you refer back. I do this ALL THE TIME. 

#6 Hashtag Stash

For instagram, Samantha at Hype Social Strategies told me to keep all my #'s in one place on a note app so when I post a photo I can quickly go back to that note, copy, paste in the first comment, then bam! PS. great insta tip.
SO, obvi I use google keep. I color code the notes for different instagram accounts and I frequently have to keep dragging the notes to the top of the page. Another method of keeping them on top is to have it repeatedly remind you every day around the time you post or just every day early morning. You can dismiss the reminder, but it will push the note to the top. 

#7 Client Communications

I use keep for temporary notes on clients for my portrait business. When we're emailing back & forth, talking on the phone, or having our in person meeting at the studio, I keep notes! Stuff I keep track of are price quotes, dates, times, maybe's, ideas we had for the session, wardrobe ideas/photos, photos of notes, photos of their face, a list of things I said I would do, etc... 
I use keep for this only temporarily. Because it's a method I have the easiest access to no matter where I am. When I have the time, I grab all that info and input it into whatever client system I use. Just for kicks, I keep the google keep note until I've finished the session. 

Leave a Comment:

  • Have you heard of Google Keep? Do you use it?
  • Which of these methods do you think would be useful to you?


New Photos + Giveaway Winner


New Photos + Giveaway Winner

I've been horrible. 

Lately, I've made sure to update my newsletter VIP people with all the latest, but I've been slacking on the blog front. May brings new goals and one of them is to maintain the blog a bit better. 

To keep me accountable, watch out for a post next week detailing a little more about me. If I'm feeling really courageous then I'll also share a story about depression and how that relates to this brand. 

Now for the updates! 

  • I ran a giveaway on Instagram & @melissa.opie took the gold. The gold being a free month as a member of the awesome stock library!!!
  • There was the mid-month batch for April released + the first of the month batch for May released! See sneak peek photos below! 
  • I made a new video on the YouTube Channel
  • I'm participating in #the100dayproject which has been both a challenge and fun! Find the photos on my instagram!
  • I had my happy snappers pick the free VIP photo of the month! 
  • We're out of launch phase and into a full swing! Which means prices have been raised. If you got in during launch, just maintain your membership and you can keep those low prices for life! 


"May Flowers" definitely was my inspiration for this month's photo batch! Remember, if you're a member you can always request the type of photos you'd like to see! I love hearing from you. 


I started a youtube channel + new photos are coming


I started a youtube channel + new photos are coming

A YouTube channel sounded like a good idea. I want to show people the site, show how to get the most out of stock photos, and then some BTS + vlogs. Should be fun! 

Yup there's the channel art. You can subscribe if you like awkward people. Well that and how tos, favorite resources, a few vlogs, and behind the scenes. 

Click to subscribe

Here are the two videos I have up at the moment. One is just a channel trailer with a bunch of watermarked stock photos & the other is the site navigation video. This will show you the basics around the new website + the members only content. Great for both current members & members-to-be! 

Now the title says something about new photos coming....

Yes, get excited. I decided I am too inpatient for just one monthly batch upload. I'm going to add new photos to the awesome stock library 2x a month!

Get ready because the first batch hits the site on the 15th! 

As always, the newsletter VIP peeps will be first to know {along with my snapchat people because I simply cannot keep a secret from you}
VIP list members will still get a free photo every month, so get your butt on that list! 
Also, make sure you follow my snapchat so you can vote for the next free photo!

As a reminder, launch prices last only through APRIL! Get this low {lowest it will ever be} price locked in for life right now. May 1st the price goes up!

Join the member site now.


Calling all creative bosses, we're open for business!


Calling all creative bosses, we're open for business!

The wait is finally over! I can't believe it!


I need to thank you all for your support + love. 
Seriously, thank you. 

So, what now?!?!?!

  • If you're not already on the VIP list, get signed up right now for a free stock photo every month.
  • If you want to know what this membership site is all about go here.
  • If you're ready to sign up, just click the button at the bottom corner of every page.
  • If you want to try and win a free month, follow me everywhere & wait for the announcement! 

Reminder: the pricing is for the launch only and will go up May 1st! However, anyone that signs up during launch month {april} will be able to keep that price for life {as long as they maintain their membership}. best deal ever

This is just the beginning, guys! 
I have BIG plans. Look forward to personal branding kits, product photography services, and so much more!
The next batch of photos will definitely include flowers & food. Want to see something specific? Members can send in a request!


Curious about how you can use the photos? Check out the terms here
If you ever have a question regarding how you can use the photos, email me!
Attention all VIP people, the terms cover you, too. 


That time I was on Blab

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That time I was on Blab

I ♥ Blab!!

A little while ago I was asked by Melissa Opie to be interviewed about Snapchat!
Since I love snapchat & I love Miss Melissa, of course I said yes! 
We originally had it scheduled for the 22nd or 23rd {I can't remember which}, but I ended up canceling due to complete drain. 

My graveyard job sometimes just wipes me out and I need to take a step back to refresh. I've gotten really good at listening to my body when it comes to this. I felt super bad canceling our appointment, but I believe it was right and I knew she would totally understand.

I think most things work out the way they should. I felt a million times better the week after and our interview platform changed from youtube live to blab. If it weren't for that I'd never have found such a fun interactive platform! 

I was a little nervous about being live since I don't feel I'm an appropriate person to be recorded live. I'm awkward, fumble on my words, not good at saying what I mean, I tend to say bad words, and I'm horrible at answering impromptu questions. anyone else?!? Turns out the whole thing went just fine and I didn't get too many virtual tomatoes thrown at me ;)

If you're interested, I've embedded the whole thing below. It's about an hour so I understand if you can't watch the whole thing. Something like this is way better to be involved with when it's happening live! If you want to know the next time I go on, be sure to follow my snapchat {find me at gladyanne}, I always talk about that stuff on there! 

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