7 ways I use google keep

"Haven't heard of it." 

That's what I see most people saying when I or someone else mentions Google Keep. 
I use this multiple times a day. For real, it's one of the first things I download on my phone. I use android, not sure if itunes has it. {someone please tell me in the comments}

Since I use this app/tool/whatever throughout the day, every day for the past couple years, I thought it was only right for me to spread the word and let you know exactly how I use it all the time. 

I'm not going to go over the basics, so if you want to learn more > go here. If you want to get in on the action for yourself > go here

So in a nutshell, you can take a variety of notes in a simplified way with little bells & whistles {but they are enough}. Now on to how I use it. 

#1 to-do lists, obviously

Specifically, I use to-do lists in the following ways: 

  • Global and local lists. Global lists are later stuff, local lists are sooner stuff. 
  • Color coded lists for different projects or businesses. 
  • Packing lists
  • General to-do list with a date as the title. Sometimes my titles turn into "Stop putting this shit off" or "bitch get off your ass and work" or "Do Today, for really real"
  • Shopping lists that remind me of its existence when I go to the store. 

#2 Braindumps

Those stupidly brilliant ideas that come to you when you're in bed? Yea those annoying little shits go right into keep so I can calm my brain down and go to sleep. 
Also, any brain dump for any idea, project, stuff that doesn't even make sense yet, but you know it's there and you don't have time to figure it out right now. That stuff. Oh and random blog post ideas? Yea draft those little buggers in keep. 


#3 Workouts

Workouts I want to do/follow when I get to the gym. I either save the photo or the text and can follow along later. I can even set it to remind me when I get to the gym. Awesome. 
I also record sets/reps/workout details to record to a fitness website later. Or just for personal record. 

#4 Trip Info

That awesome place your friend wants you to check out in Rome? yea you won't remember that. Now you will. SO I've set up info like that, packing lists, don't forgets, etc... in keep with a reminder set a day or so before I take off. Then all that glorious info is fresh on my mind for me to either reset the notification or do whatever it is I needed to do. Make sense?

#5 Link Lists

Online research for whatever, mark what you were doing aka. "job hunting 05-04-16" or "blogs I want to engage with" or "camera shopping" etc...
Add in all the links and random mental notes and when you finally have the time or money you refer back. I do this ALL THE TIME. 

#6 Hashtag Stash

For instagram, Samantha at Hype Social Strategies told me to keep all my #'s in one place on a note app so when I post a photo I can quickly go back to that note, copy, paste in the first comment, then bam! PS. great insta tip.
SO, obvi I use google keep. I color code the notes for different instagram accounts and I frequently have to keep dragging the notes to the top of the page. Another method of keeping them on top is to have it repeatedly remind you every day around the time you post or just every day early morning. You can dismiss the reminder, but it will push the note to the top. 

#7 Client Communications

I use keep for temporary notes on clients for my portrait business. When we're emailing back & forth, talking on the phone, or having our in person meeting at the studio, I keep notes! Stuff I keep track of are price quotes, dates, times, maybe's, ideas we had for the session, wardrobe ideas/photos, photos of notes, photos of their face, a list of things I said I would do, etc... 
I use keep for this only temporarily. Because it's a method I have the easiest access to no matter where I am. When I have the time, I grab all that info and input it into whatever client system I use. Just for kicks, I keep the google keep note until I've finished the session. 

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  • Have you heard of Google Keep? Do you use it?
  • Which of these methods do you think would be useful to you?