Announcing the VIP lounge + Canva Templates

The VIP lounge is offered to anyone who signs up to my VIP list! This page will hold everything I offer my VIP list peeps. 

Free stock photo of the month? All of them are on there.
Offers from other awesome bosses online? All in one place. 
Any future worksheets, free e-courses, etc that are offered to my VIP list will also be on this page. 

Think of it as a library for my awesome VIP list! 

Exciting new things are coming to the Awesome Stock Library!!

Heard of Canva, right?? Of course you have. Just about all girl bosses are obsessed and with good reason. Canva is a place to design without any downloaded software or super know-how required. It has a beautiful interface, amazing capabilities, and is quick/easy to use!

I've wanted to create insta-quotes or such designs for the awesome stock library for a while now. However, I've held off because people like to use their own fonts/colors/etc... 

Canva templates are definitely the answer! I'll create a template set and the members of the library will be able to open it up directly in Canva & start manipulating it to their own branding needs! 

Just awesome. So get excited! Not a member? Join for only $26/month.


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