How to Improve your Black Friday + Small Business Saturday Sales [Part 2]

How to Improve your Black Friday + Small Business Saturday Sales

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is something we’re constantly working at. If you plan to run a black Friday sale, or any sale really, you’ll want to amp up your efforts beforehand.

The best sale is one people know about and people will only know about it if they know about you.

You could do advertisements and the like to gain awareness of your product, but I find that building awareness of your brand is stronger. Because then you’re building not only awareness of your product, but also creating relationships and an understanding between you and your audience.

I say it all the time, but I feel we need to constantly remind ourselves that people like to invest in people. We are more likely to buy from others if we feel a part of it and if we know the story behind what’s going on. Basically, we like to know who we’re buying from.

So we understand we need to be building up our brand awareness, but what are some ways to actually do it? How do we increase our brand awareness?

Here’s the video. If you’d rather read, scroll down.

Here’s a list of ideas that will get you brainstorming and you can tailor one or more into your own strategy for your brand.

  1. Share your story. Give people a way to relate to you, your story, your why, etc… on a personal level.

  2. Promos/Sales/Marketing all works best when you are focused on ONE THING. Trust me, I know all about how you want to do all the things, how you have multiple passions and multiple services/products, but to really hit home this season, pick ONE THING to focus on and run with it. Ask yourself, “What do I want to be known for?” and look over what you offer. What one stands out? What part of your services do you want people to share about the most? Pick that thing and run with it this season.

  3. How can you give people a taste of the action? Giving people a free gift is a great way to get them acquainted with you. Also called “freemium” in the software world. Think of the different services out there like Convertkit or Adobe or Squarespace, they offer a free trial because chances are with a product like that, you’ll convert more people into loving what you can do for them if they can try it out first. This is often your “opt-in”, mine is a sample of the current quarterly collection. If you already have one set up, give it a revisit. See if it needs updating. If not then look over the ways you share your opt-in, find more avenues to getting more people to get a taste.

  4. Adding on to your freemium/trial/gift/opt-in situation, use that opportunity to build your relationship. Don’t just talk about you and let them know more about who you are and what your brand is all about, but use that opportunity to get to know them as well. Building relationships is a two-way street.

  5. Sponsor an event, partner with other brands or influencers. Get featured on podcasts, guest post in a facebook group or blog. Take advantage of opportunities to share more about you with other audiences. In my fb group called “Cowork Collab Connect” I give you the opportunity to do a Tuesday Takeover, where you go live in the group on Tuesday and teach us something, inspire us, or give us some kind of value. It’s a great way to not only share your story or share your expertise, but also practice sharing it.

  6. Set up a referral program. If you already have some people that love your thing, reward them for sharing all about it! I’m sure you are familiar with these already. They’re often referred to as referral program/affiliates/partner/etc… The best programs that I’ve seen often only invite customers to join and they provide them with materials to make it easier for them to share. Like photos, captions, and pre-done graphics, etc… The easier you make it for others to share, the more they’ll share!

  7. Encourage user generated content. If your product/service is something people can share about then encourage it! You can reward them in different ways. Featuring them on your stories, your instagram feed, give them a deeper discount for sharing, etc…

  8. Infographics. These babies are always popular because people like to share easily digestible and easily shareable content. Create something that’s relevant to your brand and what you do.

  9. Giveaways. Setting up a good giveaway that is tied to your brand/story/product in a strong enough way can raise your brand awareness a ton for a hot minute and a little for the long run. You’ll get a lot of people sharing and engaging with you during the giveaway, but afterwards a lot of people will fade out. So you might think that you just need to run a longer giveaway? Not the case. We lose interest pretty quick. I find giveaways that have the prize directly related to your product, or even making it your product, do better in the long run. Sure, if you’re giving away a Macbook pro or something you’ll get a TON of engagement, but chances are people are just interested in that Macbook and less interested in you, your story, or your product so they won’t stick around. With all that being said, giveaways are still a great way to raise brand awareness, especially if the prize and entry requirements are tailored to your brand.

  10. Creating evergreen content. Creating blogs and videos that are in your field of genius that is tied to what you do is a great way to build brand awareness. As a bonus, it builds trust and establishes your authority. All fantastic things. If you can craft some of your content so that it’s evergreen, aka always relevant, then you’re golden. It’s something people can share at anytime and it’s always buffing up your brand. Win-Win.

I hope these ideas got the sparks going for your own brand awareness strategy!

Some of these are long term and some are short term ideas.

Pick one that you can start implementing now so your brand is buzzing in time for your sale.

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