How to Improve your Black Friday + Small Business Saturday Sales [Part 3]

better black friday sales - educate your audience


Just as much as people need to be aware of who you are, they need to know what you do.

How will your thing make them feel?

How does it solve a problem they have?

How is it different from what they’ve already tried?

Educating your community is all about showing why your thing is valuable, how to use it, and who it’s going to help the most.

Showing is more powerful than telling.

Show them the process behind the scenes. Give examples or samples. Give them a clear idea of their options & how it’s going to help them.

People want to completely visualize what the other side will look like. We want to know as much as we can before we commit to something. We want to feel what it would be like to have something before we actually have it.

Answer all of people’s questions with an F.A.Q. page on your site. Dive in deeper to some of the questions in blog posts and link them to relevant questions on the F.A.Q. page.

Create a challenge, series, or workshop that helps people really understand the benefits of what you offer, a place where they can learn more, get involved, and ask questions. Give them a taste of the action.

A series like this can be created by going live for a few days in a row, with blog posts, videos on YouTube / Facebook, social media posts, etc…

Another way to be sure you’re covering your education basics would be to answer the Who, What, Why, & How’s relevant to you.

WHO: Who is your thing best for? Who is it not for? Who are you?
WHAT: What do you do? What do you offer? What steps does your customer need to take to get started? What is the process behind what you do? What does your thing solve for people?
WHY: Why are you in business? Why do you do this? Why is this valuable? Why does it matter?
HOW: How is your thing different? How can they get the result? How is it delivered? How do they enjoy your thing? How will it help?

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Now that we’ve covered some of what you can educate people about, let’s brainstorm where you can do it.

Good for SEO, easy to link to when people have questions, can be shared easily, can be redistributed to other platforms, can link to it in a newsletter, can be linked to from your FAQ page.

a little home for all of people’s questions. Great for brief answers. Can link to further info.

YouTube, Facebook, IGTV, etc…
IGTV is a great route if your main audience is on instagram, it’s quick & easy to share w/o leaving the app. YouTube is wonderful for searchability & can link easily in blogs, FAQ, and newsletters.

Use social posts as micro blogs, can create an FAQ answer per post, engage in stories to find out more questions people have.

When your peeps sign up you can create a welcome sequence that introduces them to you & your product or service.

+ in person events are good to help establish you as an authority in your thing and to see what common questions come up. In person events also are great for building community around your niche.

That wraps up part 3!

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How do you educate your audience about what you do?

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