Blues, Golds, & Coffee Inspired Stock Photos

The newest batch of stock photos feel very lifestyle to me. Calming and full open to creativity!
I can't wait to see what you members create with them!

The green cactus in a blue pot came from Ikea.
Some of the gold props came from T.J.Maxx and others came from Michael's & a store called Tai Pan Trading.

The crystal minerals came from a local area called the glitter pit where you can mine this stuff for fun!
I've added a few photos of us going out to the glitter pit! It's hard to really see it, but the entire place is shimmering and "glittery" though the phone tries to dull its shine. 
How dare it!



most recent free stock photo for the VIP list

most recent free stock photo for the VIP list

Now, for all you stock photo hoarders out there, I have just the newsletter for you!!
My VIP list gets a free stock photo every month (at least). Some holidays, I give my VIP list a little extra free goodies.
There's also this special feature for VIP list peeps called the VIP lounge!! It's where all the free monthly photos go, so you don't need to worry about what awesome free stock photos you missed by signing up late in the game ;)
It's like your own little free stock photo library!

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Here's a peek at the most recent free stock photo!!

Here's the sneak peek of the latest batch in the membership site!! Remember, it's a super affordable $10/mo for access to all the stock photos! Use them for courses, workbooks, digital products, instagram, facebook, videos, blogs, websites, etc...
This batch is so fun! It features my new "wooden" floor style I just added to the studio!
Also, loving the black & wood vibes. More gold is featured as well because I'm in a state of mind where I treat my business like gold!! Then a little blue setup for some contrast to typical colors I shoot with ;) I know a few peeps that are going to love the blue!

P.S. you can totally get a discount when you pay for a full year! $100/year saves you $20.
Also, a little birdie told me that next year the prices might go up a little so grab them now and keep them for life ;)

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