Boho Inspired Stock Photo Batch!

Recently, I shot a styled session for the editor of Badassery Magazine!
It was a boho desert theme out by the Joshua Trees.
Who knew it would end up being one of my top favorite sessions to date!!!!
Now, I'm looking for more fun people that want the same style session. So if you happen to be or know someone in the Southern Utah area, send me a session inquiry!

Me & Samantha from Badassery Mag celebrating the end of a badass styled session.

The point is, those photos rocked. The style rocked, the people involved rocked, and I wanted to take that badass vibe and put it into my stock photography work.

SO I give you sneak peeks of my latest batch in the membership site!!

Need Boho Stock Photos? Heart take the Wheel just created a batch for her $10/mo membership site!

I think I accomplished my task. I look forward to what the next batch brings!! I'll start shooting them tomorrow, but I'm thinking there will be more gold accents in it! Maybe even some boots because we're getting into boot season. 

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