Business Owners Can Have A Bad Monday, Too

When you run your business full time, Mondays have a special sparkle to them.
It's like a complete 180 from when you work a job you don't like.
You start to love Mondays. They bring new starts, new adventures, new progress, and new goals.
Mondays also have an added dose of gratefulness because when you wake up happy on a Monday you can vividly remember a time when that was most certainly not the case. BAM! you're overcome with a blanket of gratefulness & appreciation of where you are today.
So generally speaking, entrepreneurs love a good Monday.

Mondays belong to the go-getters.png

But here's the thing, that doesn't mean we can't have a bad Monday.
Just like sometimes when you work for that job you don't like, you can have a bad Friday.
It sounds crazy, but it can happen.
Just because you work for yourself and love a fresh new week, doesn't mean life doesn't still happen.
You can still spill coffee on yourself first thing in the morning.
You can still be late to a meeting.
You can still wake up groggy and start your day off slow, leading the whole day to have this slowness about it.
You can still be stuck in a parking lot for 45 minutes because a semi truck blocked you in.
You can still have a case of the Mondays.

They just happen a little less often. Possibly because we put good vibes into our Mondays when we love what we do and we're excited to start a fresh week.
Whatever the case, it's not impossible to have a bad Monday when you're an entrepreneur.
But here's the thing, we can feel guilty and not want to admit that we're having a bad Monday because we're "not supposed to" since we love what we do.
Guilt is stupid, but even when we know that it's silly to feel the guilty's, the should of's, and the supposed to's, they still happen.

So here's my post reminding you that it's okay to have a bad Monday as a business owner. 

My Monday acted like a game of whack-a-mole, whenever I would take back control, it would laugh at me and pop back up.
I never quit though.
How I kept whacking my Monday:

  • had my fav coffee drink
  • crossed something off my to-do list
  • let it off my chest
  • meditated
  • played mood boosting music on spotify
  • took a 10 minute nap and mentally started my day over
  • made all my appointments, late or not
  • spent time with good people
  • went to bed early

These are just some of the ways I battled with my Monday so that it wouldn't be a completely sucky day that leaked into my whole week.


Your turn: How do you combat a crappy Monday?


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