Business with Heart: Moss & Timber

Model:  Maygen Aleice

As you walk in, the humidity is welcoming in this red desert of Southern Utah.
Especially in the winter. 
Your eyes are flooded with green and you kind of need to just stand there for a moment as you take it all in. 

Then you'll experience the urge to post something on Insta stories.

Moss & Timber has quickly become my favorite local shop. So it made sense that they would be the first business to highlight in my 2018 mission.

If you've been thinking of adding a little life to your home and/or office, this is the shop for you.
The selection of plants is impressive and the shop is always changing.

However, the best part of this shop is the owner, Shane.
As many of you probably have experienced when deciding to add some plant life into your home, you might have suffered from a large learning curve.
You might have killed a plant or five.
You might have then deemed yourself a plant killer and opted for the artificial type.

Enter Shane.
He's there to help you understand how to care for the plant you pick out. 
Even further, Moss & Timber can create living arrangements for unique centerpieces, gifts, etc...

Maygen and I had a fantastic time photographing through leaves and carefully trying not to get her dress caught on something.

I wanted this photoshoot to showcase the beauty of the shop through portraiture. So I love how Maygen wore a light muted pink dress. It was a nice difference to the color palette of the shop, but not overpowering.

Collaborating with my favorite model, working with my favorite shop, and being surrounded by plants starts this year and mission of mine off perfectly.  

Model:  Maygen Aleice

I had the opportunity while hanging out at the plant bar to ask Shane some questions that my Instagram followers had sent in!

What's your most asked question?

Not surprisingly, the most asked question he gets is about what can grow in low light and the answer is lots of plants will grow in indirect light!

Where does someone start? If they don't have any experience with plants and want to start dipping their toes in, what would you suggest?

I was pleased that his recommendation is the same that I give to people! And I don't really know anything haha
He suggests starting with a Sansevieria to give you confidence to begin with. He believes everyone can learn and that's part of what he aims to do in his shop. He wants to help people by sharing the information he's been given over the years because he doesn't have a green thumb (I was shocked when he said that and instantly felt like it was possible for me to have a house full of plants). He told me he's able to keep things alive with the advice he was given and he wants to do that for others. 

Why open your shop in St. George?

I love the desert and I love Utah. St. G is the place to be! There are good people here.

How long have you worked with plants?

A little over 20 years. I then asked him how it started. He told me it was his mom, they always had a house full of plants. When his mom would give him 50 cents for a candy bar, he said he would go to the rack of succulents and buy one of those instead.

What's your favorite plant? Or as my phone auto-corrected it, Face plant?

Oh that changes hourly! Currently I'm loving the genus Haworthia. He proceeded to show me a bunch of varieties. You'll have to go in the shop and look at those for yourself. Or you know, Google it.

Where did the Moss & Timber name come from?

Plants and reclaimed wood. Two things I love in one place.

If you're local to Southern Utah, I seriously encourage you to visit this shop. If you want, I'll even go with you!
If you're not local to this area, please consider visiting a local plant shop near you!

Did you enjoy this Small Business Spotlight? it's part of my 2018 Mission to work with more business owners! Let me know in the comments what businesses I should work with next.

Moss & Timber


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Have you been to Moss & Timber?
Do you have a local plant shop you LOVE?
Have you invited house plants into your home?

Let's hangout in the comments.