Good Reminders from WPPI


WPPI stands for

Wedding and Portrait Photographers International.
It's when a bunch of us photogs from around the world get together for several days to meet, mingle, learn, and play with all the toys on the market. 

While the educational classes are obviously geared towards photographers, I feel like some of the points made could be applied to many different businesses.
So I'd like to share some of these points with you!

These points may be obvious, but we often need to be reminded of things that are right in front of us. 

  • Build relationships with the people you work with, not just the in person ones, but also reach out to the people behind the services you use in your business. You never know when you'll need them by your side! 
  • Your clients are people, not just people paying you for a service, but humans. Getting to know them will help you serve them better! This is especially important to those that provide a service related to another person's identity or representation. Like branding, social media, websites, design work, coaching, and of course photography. 
  • Show what you want to sell. Educate about what you want to sell. Give incentives to buy what it is you want to sell. Too often we put all of our possible services out there and yet we prefer to do one service vs. the other. Or we offer something and we don't show enough of what it is and why we're so passionate about it. 
  • Always put out what you want to get back. This goes for not only showing what you want to sell like the previous point, but also being the type of person you want to attract.
  • Your website should tell people WHO YOU ARE, not just showcase what you do. People invest in people and experiences, not just the product. 
  • Your clients aren't your only source of referrals. So are your vendors, service providers, and other businesses that your clients come in contact with when in a position to work with a business like yours.
The hustle and bustle of WPPI

The hustle and bustle of WPPI

A master has failed more times than a beginner has ever tried.

I created a video while I was at WPPI sharing some tips on how I survive at conventions & expos. 

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