How to get the most out of your stock photos

Whether you're tying to get the most bang for your buck, looking for some ideas, want to keep your media consistent, or trying to not look like everyone else using the same stock photo, this is for you!

I'm going to take one of the seasonal images and I'll create 25+ different photos from just that one image!

Then show you several more examples with other photos!

Different Crops

You can get several different images from a single stock photo by simply cropping it in different ways!
This is a great tip to help you get the most out of your stock photos as well as an easy way to keep your feed or visual elements looking consistent.
Try it with a photo you have or one from the free VIP lounge. Go in to your favorite photo editor, I used Photoshop here, and crop your photo in 10 different ways.
If a string or the corner of an object gets in the way when you're cropping in on an item, feel free to brush it out if you want. When you start editing your photos like this, it will definitely help your stock photo become more unique.

Here's 9 examples of different crops:


Adding text

Of course we all like to add text to our stock photos!
You can simply add a white or opaque container and add text inside or even just adding text right on the image. Make that text stand out by fading the image with a white opaque layer.
Other ways to take it a step further would be to brush away some of the text to make it appear like it's interacting with the photo elements like I did with "gift" on the first image here.
Or use the image as a filler for the text. With a mostly white image like this one, it might work best to crop in on a section with an element that can fill your text, or you can give the image an opaque overlay in your branding color.
Last example shows a brush look where it's almost like you scratch reveal the stock image behind the text.

Here are 9 examples of using text:


using borders


Think outside the square

Stock photos are heavily used on our Instagram feeds, but you can get more use out of your photos if you start applying them in other places! My favorite place is on my stories!

  • Instagram stories

  • blog posts

  • facebook / twitter posts

  • advertisements

  • brochures

  • signs

  • banner graphics

  • cover images

  • workbook graphics

  • opt-in images

  • wallpaper

  • videos

  • slideshows

  • contracts

  • emails

  • content buttons

  • keynotes/presentations


Adding your content

You can create even more graphics when you start adding in your own product photos, pdf's, quotes, screenshots, etc... This specific stock photo doesn't have a tablet, laptop, or phone in it, but many of my stock photos do! Also, you don't need a stock photo with a screen on it if you have a mock up tablet you can add on top of the stock photo! SO many options out there!

Other examples

Keynote presentation


How do you edit/use stock photos?

Have you seen or used stock photos in a way not mentioned here?

Comment below!

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