I started a youtube channel + new photos are coming

A YouTube channel sounded like a good idea. I want to show people the site, show how to get the most out of stock photos, and then some BTS + vlogs. Should be fun! 

Yup there's the channel art. You can subscribe if you like awkward people. Well that and how tos, favorite resources, a few vlogs, and behind the scenes. 

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Here are the two videos I have up at the moment. One is just a channel trailer with a bunch of watermarked stock photos & the other is the site navigation video. This will show you the basics around the new website + the members only content. Great for both current members & members-to-be! 

Now the title says something about new photos coming....

Yes, get excited. I decided I am too inpatient for just one monthly batch upload. I'm going to add new photos to the awesome stock library 2x a month!

Get ready because the first batch hits the site on the 15th! 

As always, the newsletter VIP peeps will be first to know {along with my snapchat people because I simply cannot keep a secret from you}
VIP list members will still get a free photo every month, so get your butt on that list! 
Also, make sure you follow my snapchat so you can vote for the next free photo!

As a reminder, launch prices last only through APRIL! Get this low {lowest it will ever be} price locked in for life right now. May 1st the price goes up!

Join the member site now.

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