My Process for Instagram Live

I go LIVE on Instagram every Thursday morning at 10am Mountain Time.

This all started for a few reasons:

A while back I did a self-made morning routine challenge and part of the challenge was to go LIVE on Facebook and Instagram every morning by a certain time to keep me accountable. It was fun and terrifying. BUT it kept me accountable and I was up and LIVE every single morning during my challenge. 
It also quickly got me into the feeling of going LIVE. It wasn't my first time, but it was the first time I did it for more than a few minutes and consistently. 

After my morning routine challenge, I craved going LIVE, but had NO IDEA what to go LIVE about. When you're just starting to go LIVE and you're not super famous or anything, a lot of dialog pops up in your head.


"Do people even want me to go LIVE?"
"Will anyone show up?"
"What will I talk about?"
"Do I have to do my hair every time?"
"Where should I do them at?"
"What if I have nothing to say?"
"What if I say the wrong thing!?"
"What if I say UM or SO a lot?"
"What if I talk too fast?"


You get the idea. There's just SO much internal dialog that comes along with trying something new, whatever it is. 
Regardless of all the internal dialog, I wanted to go LIVE anyway because when I did I felt I was making deeper connections with my peeps on Instagram. That mattered to me, that felt good and felt like a real thing on a platform that sometimes doesn't feel very real. 

SO It was decided. I was going to make instagram LIVE a thing. It's a thing now.

I wanted my streams to be natural in my day and natural for who I am and have it fit in with my brand. 
That's where the coffee chat idea bloomed. I already offered coffee chats 1 on 1 and decided why not make it a thing I do all over the place? So it is now. hahaha! Like my decision making process? lol
I picked Thursday because I felt I'd have fresh things to talk about from the week, but I could keep my Friday open to work or play. I am a BIG go with the flow type of human, so Thursday made the most sense for me.
10am was chosen because it's a time I know I can make regardless of how my morning goes. I'll be running on all cylinders by 10am and it's usually when I like to have my coffee/tea anyway. 

In November 2017 I started going LIVE every Thursday at 10am! I did skip Thanksgiving, though. ;)

Those first few weeks were not easy. I was excited, nervous, sweating in ALL THE PLACES, viewer attendance was spotty, and I nearly forgot a few weeks in a row.

I was determined though, so I added my LIVE as a repeating appointment in my calendar. I kept telling people about my LIVES the day before/morning of and any other chance I got. I kept showing up and people started to remember that on Thursday I'm LIVE, which meant attendance went up! I developed a pre-show routine of sorts that helped me settle the nerves a bit (see YouTube video). Then to 'fix' the sweating in all the wrong places? That took time. That took sticking with it and now I'm not sweating like I'm in a sauna. 


Okay, so now I'm LIVE all the time. What do I talk about?
I treat this like a real chill chat. However, during my prep stage, I get a notebook and jot down some talking points just to keep me on some kind of topic. This was also a big help when I was just starting these sessions and not many people would show up. At least I had enough talking points to fill about 20 minutes or so even if no one was engaging. 
So what kind of talking points are these? I go through this last week of events in business and any highlights or things I might want to share, I write those down. I check the upcoming week and write down anything I want to share that's upcoming. Also any announcements. Then I chat about the past weeks worth of content like any hot topics from my instagram feed, engaging story moments, my last blog post, my most recent YouTube video, any new content coming to The Heart Library, etc...
Then I'll jot down any other life/brand/business moments, stories, articles I've read, things on my mind, etc...this is where the traditional coffee chat comes into play. Throughout the whole session, I'm also going off on sidebars with whatever comes up in chat.

I like to keep my laptop nearby so that I can look things up in the moment. I like to look up where people are from, the weather in different places, people's instagram, or things that pop up in chat that I'm instantly curious about. 

That wraps up my Instagram LIVE sessions! Let me know if you like this type of content by leaving me a comment!

Do you go LIVE? If so when? What do you like to chat about? 
If not, why? Do you want to? Or is it simply not that appealing to you?
Do you watch other people's LIVES?

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