Morning Routine Challenge

Without an alarm, I wake up refreshed and ready.
The sun is just starting to rise and I make my way downstairs to take the dogs out.
I love using the quiet moments of the morning to listen to nature while writing in my journal on the porch. After some meditation I practice yoga and maybe go out for a run.
Now that the blood is flowing and I'm energized for the day, I'll make my way into the kitchen to begin preparing breakfast and making some coffee or tea.
Daniel joins me at the breakfast bar and we begin our day.
He'll head to work and I'll make my way to the studio.

Sounds absolutely delightful, doesn't it?

This is my dream morning routine.
Comment below if you saw right through me and knew it wasn't reality ;)
You're either amazing bullshit detectors or this isn't our first encounter.

SO I have this morning dream and I thought why not give it a try?
Of course, I don't have dogs and I can't "make my way downstairs" in a one-story house, but I decided to try out my dream morning.

That's where I made up the Morning Routine Challenge.
In this challenge the first step was to journal about my dream morning and then draft out an equivalent that takes in consideration my current reality. So no dogs, no stairs, and no porch action. Though the birds are quite loud here.
After I had an ideal morning routine drafted out, the next step was to incorporate some help.

I used some apps to guide me and I set up a time where I would go LIVE on either facebook or instagram.

  • I used the app called Fabulous to guide me through my morning routine.
  • I used the app Calm for guided meditations
  • When I wanted guided yoga, I'd open up the app Down Dog.
  • To attempt to not interrupt Daniel in the morning, I used my fitbit silent alarm to wake me up.
  • I went LIVE on FB & Insta to keep me accountable.

My routine on Fabulous looked like this:


The screenshot misses the last couple things which are

  • Eat a Great Breakfast
  • Get Inspired
  • Write My To Do

P.S. this app does way more than just let you detail your morning routine. It's quite helpful in guiding you to make good habits. Definitely check it out.

How did the routine go?

First couple mornings went pretty well. I was tired, but my body just wasn't used to this yet. The rest of the challenge was harder than I thought and there was a day that I just couldn't get up early enough due to a super late night, so I got up in time to get ready for my LIVE and then did my morning routine afterwards. That day didn't go well, I ended up needing to take a nap. I'm not someone that is good at napping, so I usually try to avoid that.

Since the challenge, I've tried continuing the routine. I haven't been super successful at nailing it down, but I'm still trying to work out some of the kinks of this "ideal morning routine" I'm feeling like I'll have it figured out pretty soon.

I've created a YouTube video to chat about all my thoughts on this challenge. Including the struggles.

Please comment on my YouTube video and say hello! If you comment on this blog, too then you'll be double-awesome.

Does a morning routine challenge sound appealing to you? Or maybe another lifestyle related challenge? What is your current routine and how is that different than your ideal?


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