My Experience at Movara Fitness Resort

Movara just recently launched a new one-day program called Mfit, which is offered on Saturdays. It essentially gives you a taste of everything that the one-week structured program has to offer. The day kicks off with a body assessment , followed by a delicious healthy breakfast, then a beautiful hike in the red rocks of Southern Utah.
— Movara

I was invited to try out Movara's new Mfit program and I was excited and nervous.
Guys, it's been a couple years since I was serious about my fitness!!
How many of you remember that I used to run a health & wellness blog?!? BONUS POINTS if you do!

How many of you would be nervous about visiting a fitness resort?
If that's YOU, then I got you! I'm going to tell you how it all went down!

Cactus photo because I love cactus 

First, as soon as I was registered, they emailed me a list of things to help me pack and get prepared. 
Some things on the list included a hydration pack (thank goodness I brought that!), sunscreen, extra clothes for different activities, and flip flops.

I packed all my stuff in a duffle bag and brought a lock because I didn't know what the storage options would be.
They assign you a body analysis time before all the activities begin. They basically cover your measurements and the fancy machine prints out a cool paper that tells you info about where you're at and what you would benefit from.

Us gals in the program that day hung out and got to know each other while filling out our forms.

Here's the schedule!

7am - Breakfast
8am - Core Training - Court
9am - Fitness Hike - Meet in Front
12:15pm - Lunch - Dining Room
1:30pm - Nutrition Tools - Lecture Hall
2:30pm - Treading - Cardio Gym
3:30pm - Tabata - Court
4:30pm - Foam Roller - Court
5:30pm - Dinner - Dining Room

Let me just say, I pretty much felt like I was finished after the hike!
The Nutrition lecture was my favorite perspective on healthy living. I won't try and sum it up here. I'll do you one better and give you a link to their three-part blog posts on the topic of nutrient density by the Registered Dietitian at Movara, Emily Fonnesebeck. Click here to learn.

The treading class kicked my ass then tabata felt like a fatality move in Mortal Kombat. 

We lucked out with a bonus Zuma time afterwards. Even though we were all pretty much dead, we danced it out anyway!
A live video of us all dancing our exhausted butts off:

Afterwards, it was time for the foam roller. I'm no stranger to the foam roller so I knew the good pain that was coming to me!

If you thought we all ate dinner and went home, you're wrong! We also all booked either a massage or facial! #earnedit
I have never even experienced a massage before, so that's the route I took. You can guess that it felt amazing after the day I had!! 

In the end, I was happy to go home. I could barely move (the next few days were sore ones!). And I was pushed passed my comfort zone and its comfort zone and the buffer cushion around that ;)
I'm craving the lifestyle that they brought back to my attention. You better bet that I'll be blogging more about it! I believe a business owner needs to focus on their health. What's the point of working for myself if I can't make time for the lifestyle I desire!?!

As business owners we get carried away with the hustle we do at our computers. I'm convinced that it's the big picture hustle that actually gets us where we want to be. That hustle we do in our LIFE is the one that makes mountains move.

If you're in the Southern Utah area or want a fitness vacation, Movara is where you want to be!

Comment if you would try out a fitness resort!

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