New Photos + Giveaway Winner

I've been horrible. 

Lately, I've made sure to update my newsletter VIP people with all the latest, but I've been slacking on the blog front. May brings new goals and one of them is to maintain the blog a bit better. 

To keep me accountable, watch out for a post next week detailing a little more about me. If I'm feeling really courageous then I'll also share a story about depression and how that relates to this brand. 

Now for the updates! 

  • I ran a giveaway on Instagram & @melissa.opie took the gold. The gold being a free month as a member of the awesome stock library!!!
  • There was the mid-month batch for April released + the first of the month batch for May released! See sneak peek photos below! 
  • I made a new video on the YouTube Channel
  • I'm participating in #the100dayproject which has been both a challenge and fun! Find the photos on my instagram!
  • I had my happy snappers pick the free VIP photo of the month! 
  • We're out of launch phase and into a full swing! Which means prices have been raised. If you got in during launch, just maintain your membership and you can keep those low prices for life! 


"May Flowers" definitely was my inspiration for this month's photo batch! Remember, if you're a member you can always request the type of photos you'd like to see! I love hearing from you. 

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