Photoshoot with Mom

When having a February planning party with my Content Planner, Passion Planner, Google Calendar and the company of a badass friend & biz buddy over Zoom, I wanted to put something in the schedule with my mom.

You see, our birthdays are back to back. Hers the 15th and mine the 16th.

Nearly every year we have celebrated it together.
But for some reason, we've never taken a portrait together. I mean we've selfied, but not a real portrait. 

So that's what came to mind. I messaged her to book it before our birthdays so we'd have the photos beforehand. With my content planner I mapped out when the session would take place, when I'd share it on insta, facebook, and even this blog! It kept me on track!

Here's the funny thing, I take my own portraits here in the studio. Self-portraits are my jam. So I didn't think twice about doing them with my mom. Until the day came. In hindsight, for our next photoshoot together, I'm hiring someone hahaha!

Regardless of how crazy it was for me to direct mom, direct myself, and direct the camera, we managed to get a portrait of the two of us.

I can't tell you how happy this makes me! Having photos of your loved ones AND WITH your loved ones is precious.

Seriously , go hire a photographer right now and get that shit in the books. It's important guys.

Happy birthday to us, Mom! Cheers to another year!

Some lessons learned while taking my own photos with another human...

Much of the self-portrait stuff is the same except one thing. Directing.
When I'm taking my own photos, I have all the poses in my head and I know my body and how to achieve a look I'm after on camera.
SO to help with posing with another human while still operating the camera, I had to add in two things:
1 - a mirror
2 - examples
The mirror was set up behind the camera so I could see if we were in frame, how my mom was posing, and how I was posing. 
I had a computer nearby with some examples of poses on it so to translate the ideas I had in mind to my mom. 
When you're solely the photographer, you can direct people and snap as you please.
It's a little more complicated to direct someone that's in the shot with you. So giving them visuals as well as using the mirror to help with head positions, framing, hands, etc... is helpful for you both.
The first photo in the collage was our FIRST shot! I felt we seriously nailed it, all things considering hahaha

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