What is a Quarterly Collection? How I Offer My Stock Photos.

Why we switched to it, where it came from. What is it? Answering all the Q’s

So if you’re not completely new to me and all things Heart take the Wheel, then you’ve heard me talk about The Quarterly Collection.

I get a lot of questions about it, so I figured it’s time to make a post explaining things and telling you how we got here.

 Hey, I’m Glady!

Hey, I’m Glady!

I’m a brand & business photographer and one of the things I offer are stock photos. Both custom and publicly available packs.

The publicly available packs used to be offered in the form of a membership.

You would pay one monthly rate and get access to all the things, not a new concept and it worked for about 2 years.

But here’s the thing, I asked my members for feedback often and the number one complaint every time was how pretty much anyone has access and the images and they could be overused overtime.

I know you’ve seen this, too.

You’re probably aware of some commonly used stock photos from Unsplash or even from some of the top stock photo sites. You see it once or twice and then overtime you start seeing it over and over and over. On Instagram, Facebook, blogs, etc...

So it got me thinking, but not enough to completely change things yet.

While this surveying and thinking was happening, I was also testing out another theory.

Are people sick of membership sites?

Now don’t bite my head off, I believe there are membership sites that are freaking amazing, but at the same time, I just wasn’t feeling it.

I was sick of membership sites and yet I had one!

Which means I wasn’t giving love to my membership site as I should have been.

If you don’t love something, you don’t work as hard. You don’t give it the attention it needs.

So I was curious if my audience was also sick of the membership site method.

I started offering the stock photos as packs you can buy straight from the shop as well as keeping them available in the membership site. I offered the packs for the same price as it would cost to join the membership.

Guess what? More people would buy the packs than join the membership site. I even made sure in the check out process that people knew it cost them the same to join and they’d have access to everything and not just the one pack they’re about to purchase.

They didn’t care, they were also sick of membership sites.

sick of membership site stock photos

Some months passed and I was pacing around in my office and it hit me.

Like most of my ideas do, they hit me hard and fast like I got ran over by an idea truck.

The idea was a way to still provide publicly available stock photos, while also providing some exclusivity.

So was born “The Quarterly Collection” and it looks like this:

Every start of the quarter (January, April, July, October) I release the quarterly collection, which are all the stock photo packs that will be available for the duration of the quarter. I release them all at once at the start of the quarter. They’re available for the duration of the quarter and then they’re removed from the shop at the end of the quarter and a new collection is released at the start of the next quarter.

So I create behind the scenes for a few months, then release maybe 6 different packs of stock photos at the start of January. They’re available in the shop until the end of March, all while I’m creating new packs behind the scenes between January & March. Then at the end of March the old packs get taken down and at the start of April, the next collection goes up and the process repeats.

I said goodbye to my membership site. It was hard, but I feel 10x better since I doing so.

I get to create on my terms in those 3 months. Which means I’m releasing better quality images.

Best part of it all? I love it. I love how it’s done, I love the responses, I love how we got here, and I love the work I’ve been doing. It makes a huge difference.

Check out the current collection in the shop here.

Have you ever made a big change in how you do things in your biz?

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