Saying Goodbye + What's Next

"I don't know if this is good crazy or bad crazy"

When the idea of how I would setup my shop to deliver my stock photos really hit me, I was on fire.

I was physically HOT, the exciting passion behind the idea was so high I felt like I would explode if I didn't release the pressure by talking it out with others.

This is when having close friends & biz buddies is invaluable. 

The idea hit and started to form so clearly that I couldn't keep up. I had to write it all down hastily as not to leave any bit out. I also wanted to reach out to all my biz buds, but it was late in the evening and most were busy with life or sleeping. 

I get all my super passionate ideas late at night. Anyone else?

So Daniel got the excited, fast-talking, crazy idea that was forming by the second in full force. I was talking so fast, I'm surprised he kept up and even had feedback.

This idea was a solution to something that has been building up over time. I've had little nagging things here & there that I didn't know how to solve and this will help.

So what's the big deal?

I'm closing The Heart Library.

If you're not familiar, The Heart Library is my membership site that is home to all my stock photos and other digital content. It's a major part of Heart take the Wheel. It started over 2 years ago and has served me & my members well.
However, it's time to close it down.

Here's a video I made going into:

  • What it means
  • What it doesn't mean
  • WHY
  • What's next

So if you're a member or would like to take advantage of the Last Chance pass, click over to The Heart Library and download All The Things!

What do you think about this change?
Have you made a major change like this in your business before?