Shooting Product Photos at Your Desk

Here’s the situation, you have a desk that you work from or a maybe it’s a workstation where you create your products. If you’re doing this business from home, sometimes that desk/table/workstation is all the space you have.

So it becomes your conference table, the place you draft your ideas, where you try out new things in business, where you create all your content, and where you inevitably take your own product photos until you’re ready to hire me ;)

So this is it, this is your spot to do all your work. Let’s work with it! Here’s a video of me taking product photos at my desk. The desk where my laptop sits, the one I’m typing on right now.

Leave a comment on the video if you have a question or an idea of a video you’d like me to create for you!

I was thinking it might be fun to visit others in their element and do this again with their desk space! Does that sound fun? Would you watch it?