Stock Photo Session - Behind the Scenes

Stock Photo Session - BTS - Heart take the wheel

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a stock photo session?
Well here's how the process goes at the moment, though my desk area has already changed since this video was taken! Things are always changing around here, I love change.

Step 1.

It starts with a fresh clean slate.
I clean up the studio to allow for a clean mind when starting the session. Clutter from previous sessions/projects get in the way and distract me from the current project.

Step 2.

I gather inspiration, requests, ideas, thoughts from recent prop purchases, vibes, and moods.
Also, I enjoy a little lunch ;)
This step is where I plan out everything so that when it's time to photograph, I'm not wasting time wondering what to shoot next or what props I should include in a set.
I created a handy shot list printable that I use during this step and you can grab one for yourself in the VIP lounge for free. Just join the newsletter here and get it along with all the free stock photos that are waiting inside!
The printable has two sides.
The first side is where you can doodle out how your session should look. The second side has a place for you to list out the props you'll need and notes for the session.

Step 3.

Time to gather up the props on the list and set up the studio for the session!
I grab everything I'll need from the closet or from around the studio and I put it all in one place. It's all about efficiency!
Then I move things around the studio for the scenes I've doodled out in my shot list and go to town!
I currently use mostly artificial light that looks like soft natural light. If you're interested in my lighting setup, leave me a comment and I'll create a post on it for you! I'm thinking a little video tour of how it works and then a list of the products I use.

Step 4.

The final step is to put them all in Lightroom and start the editing process!
After edits, I upload them to the Membership site and send out a newsletter so you all are aware that new stuff is ready for you to download!
If you're not in the membership site, click here to check it out! I currently upload new batches of at least 20 stock photos to the site every 1st & 3rd Friday of the month.

Thanks for checking out this blog post! I hope you can put that shot list printable to use for a project of your own.

For Pinterest purposes:

Behind the Scenes of a Stock Photo Session + Free Shot List Printable -
Behind the Scenes of a Stock Photo Session + Free Shot List Printable -
Behind the Scenes of a Stock Photo Session + Free Shot List Printable -
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