Studio Tour + 10 Things I Use the Most

I have a home studio.

That bothers some people, but once they walk in, they don't feel uneasy about that anymore.
They can clearly see this space is meant for work and not living.
That's the goal for both you & me.

For me, I had to take my work space seriously. I need a studio and an office space that is separate from my house.
It has to feel like I'm going to work. Or it's all too easy for me to get off track and slip into a home body state.

So my office & studio are separate from my home, while still being IN my home.

I wanted to show you all the space I work in. Let me know in the comments if you find this interesting!

We're starting the tour with the studio + I also share 10 things I use the most in the studio other than the obvious camera + lighting gear.


10 things I use the most in my home studio

  1. My tripod:
  2. Dyson cordless vacuum:
  3. Watering cans & spray bottles
  4. lint roller & lens cleaning spray
  5. Amazon Echo:
  6. Spider Belt:
  7. White poster boards
  8. Camera Remote
  9. Ladder
  10. Painters Tape
  11. Batteries


Your Turn: What do you use in your space the most? Other than something really obvious for what you do.

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