The Stock Photo Library is ENDING

heart take the wheel - stock photography


Changes are coming and this is the first of just a few notices to let you know that if you want to get all of the stock photos inside the library right now, then you'll want to get a membership now and spend the next few days downloading like crazy!

Because The Heart Library is right around the corner!

Will it have stock photos?
Yes. It will have a more curated selection of high quality photos. Which means not ALL of the current stock photos in the library are disappearing, but a good portion of photos that don't fit the packs + themes will be gone!

Will new photos still be added?
Yes. New packs will be added regularly. Will it still be the 1st & 3rd Friday of 20+ photos? No. The quantity will change and the frequency might/might not change.

What's so new about this Heart Library?
New content! Stock media will be joined with business resources, tips, tutorials, templates, and more!!
While I'm a photographer for brands, I'm also a business strategist that works 1 on 1 with several brands to help them set up their squarespace, create PDF printables, create opt-in systems, figure out their mailchimp, and more.
I can only help so many 1 on 1 people because my hours are limited (I'm still a photographer! lol). So to reach more of you, I'm going to put as much as I can into this membership site.
Lot's of it will be super basic stuff + some just a notch above beginner. So this might not be for everyone. Stay tuned to find out as I release more info!

Will the price change?
No, not yet anyway! I'm keeping it the same through the launch and will likely raise it in the coming months.

What if I'm already a member of your stock library?
Your membership will transfer over keeping it the same rate! You'll still get stock photos in curated packs as I release them on the new membership site. If you don't want anything to do with all the new content, I totally get it and it's totally understandable if you cancel. 

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