The What's, When's & How's of Weekly Planning

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...As told by my Instagram peeps

For those that don’t know, I hangout on Instagram A LOT.
But this post isn’t about Instagram, though we can do a post like that later if you want.
Just tell me in the comments.

Anyway, this post is about planning & schedules.

I feel we’re always adapting our schedules + planner systems to better fit whatever our lifestyle calls for at the time.

Some prefer pen & paper, others prefer digital, and some like to mix it up!
We plan for the day, the week, the month, and even to some extent, the year!

What I find to be the meatiest, is the weekly planning.
This is the stuff that you’re going to get done SOOON.
This is the hustle time frame.

So, I took this conversation to Instagram to get an idea of how you all like to plan for the week.
I asked you the how’s, when’s and what’s about it.
I got plenty of responses and I can’t wait to share it all with you!

First off, let’s discuss the what’s.

What systems and planners do you use?
Here’s a list of the things you all brought up:

I found the When to be quite interesting!

The chart below details when you guys like to plan for the week ahead! The three answers I got were Friday, Sunday, and Monday (like planning and starting your week altogether).



Sunday was the most common, but Friday took me by surprise! After reading what you guys had to say about it, it makes SO much sense! I'm totally considering switching over to having a Friday planning party!

The How’s were my favorite part, some of you described it as such a relaxing event! I felt I wanted to invite myself over and plan right alongside you!

Here's what some of you had to say:

I use Sunday’s as my prep and planning day.
It’s a really relaxed process. I grab some notebooks and get comfy in my reading chair. Then I plan, brainstorm, and create my to do list. I like to be ready to go on Monday when it’s time to get started.

- Kelli from


I actually start planning on Friday. I leave Friday’s open for ME, to run errands, take personal appointments, and work on my business. I look back at what I’ve finished that week and ahead to the following week to see what’s going to carry over and how that will fit in with what’s already scheduled and planned.

- Jacqueline Destremps from


We plan on Sundays. The passion Planner is a favorite tool, and specifically for Instagram we use Planoly in conjunction with the worksheets we developed that are included in our Complete 2018 Instagram Planner.

- Kim from


I first write down everything then I prioritise till when which task has to be done. Some tasks have deadlines so the most important ones are done then. I like to mix it up a bit so I don’t have all very urgent tasks on one day, because they are usually exhausting and take up all my time and concentration. Then I’m not that stressed at the end of the day.
I also tell my students when making a study plan, to include easier tasks with more difficult ones. It keeps you motivated, because you’ve achieved a lot.

- Nadia from


Mondays all the way!! Sundays are for family and spiritual refill for me so Monday morning gets to be the “git er done” day. I put all of my “hard scheduled” personal appointments in place (doctor, dentist, etc.) and then I add my semi-flexible business appointments (deliver galleries, consults, etc.). After that, I check all the to-do lists in my life and fill in empty space with what needs to be complete before the next week, things like: make copies, order new bride books, replace memory card etc….

- Darillyn Southworth from


You guys are so inspiring! I will definitely talk more about this on my weekly Thursday Lives on Instagram.

For those curious about my weekly planning:
The WHAT, is a passion planner, a google calendar, and The Content Planner!
The WHEN, has varied from week to week, usually on a Monday. BUT I will be honest, you Friday peeps have me inspired to try it out!
The HOW, is at my desk with all my calendars and planners laid out in front of me, I sit with wine or tea and some music and I mark in the hard appointments first and then the content next all dancing around some general theme of the week. I make sure to thread some part of one thing into the next. The Content Planner has been a LIFESAVER in helping me do this and seeing the big picture. After that, I glance at my giant project list and see what I can fit in based on how urgent the project is. 
To be honest, the process slightly varies depending on what's going on or coming up or when personal things happen. The general method goes from Hard appointments to Soft ones and then sprinkle in a few would-be-nice's. 

For those curious about The Content Planner, I unboxed it in this video! 
I'd love for you to subscribe to my channel, but MORE than that, I want to let you know that this amazing planner is ALMOST SOLD OUT! So, if you've been eyeing it, or just know it will help you take control of your social media, then def grab one now.


Now, it's your turn:

Tell me WHAT you like to use when planning for the week, WHEN do you like to do your weekly planning, and HOW does that whole plan sesh go?


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