Virtual Coffee

Kind of like a first date, we need to get to know each other.
This is where I learn more about you, your brand, and your business.
You feel like you're working with less of a stranger and I discover more about how I can meet your needs.

Visual Inspiration

Now that we've gotten to know each other verbally, it's time to get on the same page visually!
I'll set up a private Pinterest board for us to add images to that express your brand, business, colors, words, props, products, style, even fonts let me feel your vibes which help me create the best images for you!

Collect Props

At this point, your awesome props and/or products might be in the mail. Or I might be supplying all the props depending on your package.
This is when I gather all the items that match the style you desire based on all our previous communications.
Of course, if I'm supplying the items you'll be kept in the loop to make sure I'm not buying a pink elephant if you for some unexplained reason hate pink elephants.

Photo Shoot

Time to style and shoot your custom stock photos!!
As I finish a session, I'll send you a contact sheet for feedback. I'll shoot another session if any adjustments are needed.
Once you approve of the work, I'll finish the edits.
This is also the time I would send back your items, if applicable.


Now that the edits are all complete, I'll upload the finished photos to a private gallery.
I'll send you all the info to access your gallery along with a commercial use license that lets you use them to your heart's content in your business! 
Enjoy your custom styled stock photos!!



Package A

Choose this if you have some props and/or products already that you want photographed. You'll ship these items to me (don't worry, I'll ship them back!).



Package B

Choose this if you want me to supply all the props for your session. Don't worry, you'll be totally involved in the process and will approve of the props!