terms of use

Users & Seller

For the purpose of this license, a "user" is anyone that obtains our images through the VIP list, giveaways, gifts, and of course the membership site/the heart library. 
For the purpose of this license, the "seller" is Glady Anne, Glady Anne Photography, & Heart take the Wheel.

Copyright & Ownership

Glady Anne, Glady Anne Photography, & Heart take the Wheel remain the sole author, owner, and copyright holder of the images. 

Users May

  • use the images for personal & professional use as detailed in this license both online & in printed works
  • use the images in your advertising & marketing
  • edit the images for your creative business needs
    • crop, resize, add filters & text, change orientation, warp, photoshop, add graphic designs, colors, insert your logos, products, and add screenshots/images of products/websites/services
  • sell new creative works that contain the stock images with text, graphics, and other overlays as long as it's not resold as a stock image or can be extracted as a standalone image

Users May Not

  • sell, loan, giveaway the images to any third party
  • claim the images as your own
  • use the images for your clients or customers
  • harm the professional reputation of the seller by:
    • using the images for pornographic, illegal, libelous, scandalous, or other offensive manners. 

Credit/Copyright Identification/ Attribution

Credit is not required, but I appreciate the ♥LOVE♥
Use #hearttakethewheel so I can see how you're building your empire & can feature you in the newsletter!


If you ever have a question on these terms, please do not hesitate to email me! I'd love to clear things up so you can get back to your creative works!

EMAIL: hello@hearttakethewheel.com SUBJECT: terms of use
Example: Hey Glady Anne! I'm creating a workbook for tidying up your workspace and I'd love to use your images, is that okay? -Sara
My response might go like this: Hey Sara! That workbook sounds awesome! I'd love for you to use my images, just be sure that no single image stands alone on a page without text or graphic overlays. If you're still not sure, reply back with an example page and I'll let you know!