Here's a pack of 14 pumpkin photos for you to use throughout October!


Fall Vibes

Sitting on the carpet in my studio with a cup of tea while listening to the rain, I was doodling in my notebook all the ideas I had for the next batch of stock photos.

Then I put all those ideas to the side for a minute because I saw an empty basket and I felt the fall vibes creeping in.

I let those fall vibes take over and I went outside to collect leaves, twigs, pinecones, and a breath of fresh air.

Brought them all back in my basket and started shooting these for you.
I hope you can put them to good use on your blogs, websites, marketing, insta stories, social media, etc...

heart take the wheel - vertical white space stock photos

Vertical White Space

The Latest Stock Photos are here!

Plenty of space to use in your marketing, to crop, to edit, and to use on your insta stories!

Have you seen my video with insta stories tips?

Watch the video here.

Music Man Stock Photography

Music Man Stock Photos in both color and black & white!


Your next batch of new styled stock is on the way, I promise! Until then I hope you can find a way to utilize the music man!

P.S. the music man model is new on Instagram, if you want to follow him, you can do so here: @Jayk_John