What to Share for Your Friday Introduction Post

I shared this list in my group last Friday.
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You might know this by now, but when you share about YOU the person behind the brand, the person that makes the products, the person that is hustling behind the screen, people love it.

Humans invest in other humans more than things. I mean, we invest in things, too. However, we often have SO many choices of who to hire or buy from that the decision comes down to who we like more.

When we can get to know the person behind the service/product, we feel better about investing with them. Especially if we feel we can relate to them or their story in some way. Relating is a big deal. As humans we LOVE to find commonalities between us. We gravitate towards others that we feel get us.

When we feel that with YOU it's inevitable that we're either going to use your services/buy your products when we have the need for them and/or we'll shout about them to everyone we know that does. Both are important. 

Yes, I just described the know, like, trust factor we all know about.
But it's so damn important that I always feel it doesn't hurt to go over it often. To remind people (and myself) that our story matters. Which is why branding matters. 


I got off on a tangent there, let's bring it back to that list I mentioned before.

Who here loves a good intro post?

Who here often has NO IDEA what to share on said intro post?

I've got a treat for you. Here's a list of things to tell us about yourself!

  • fave number

  • pet peeves

  • fave time of year

  • your zodiac sign

  • a random talent

  • a hobby of yours

  • fave show/movie/youtuber/blog etc...

  • latest lesson learned

  • how you got started in what you do

  • why you love it

  • how you like your cup of coffee or tea

  • fave wine lol (I'm on day 28 of whole 30, wine is on my mind)

  • fave food

  • prefer to read or watch?

  • latest reads

  • how many countries or states have you visited?

  • fave place to visit

  • funny travel story

  • how your morning routine goes

  • tattoo stories

  • a big dream you have

  • how you like to sleep

  • something we'd never guess

  • story behind your name

  • what you like to do in your freetime

  • Never have I ever ___

  • two truths and a lie

  • where you learned to do something

  • worst hairstyle you've ever had

  • fave smells

  • where were you born

  • something you do every single day

  • what you wanted to be when you grew up

  • a bad habit

  • one word that describes you

  • something that never fails to make you smile/laugh

  • fave quote

  • farthest you've been from home

  • how tall are you

  • fave thing about yourself

Hopefully this list is enough to get you started! Pick a few and create a post! Spice up your about section. Make a video for youtube and/or IGTV 

If you really want to go extra, you could find some things about you to share and then tell us what that means for US. Because we all know the about me section on your website is really about the people reading it.

Like why do I need to know where you were born? Well, maybe you were born in the city you currently run an event planning business from, which means you're the best person for the job because you know alllll the secret awesomeness your city has to offer for every type of event.

Get the idea? You don't have to go extra with your about page right now, right now draft up a #FridayIntroductions post and schedule it for, well, FRIDAY! Tag me if you do! I'll definitely want to see. Then later on you can take the extra time to draft up an about me page that really helps the readers understand you better and how you can help them. 


Hope you found that helpful!

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