20+ Ideas For Your IGTV Channel

If you haven't heard by now, Instagram announced IGTV on June 20th 2018.

It's a new way to share even more video content on the app. First they introduced videos in the feed (2013), then insta stories was born (2016) and of course LIVE (2016) and now we have IGTV (2018).

Since it *just* launched, we're all still learning about it. So I thought I'd share my initial ideas on how to utilize this new part of Instagram!

Feel free to comment any ideas you have on how to use IGTV.

20+ ideas for your IGTV channel

20+ ideas for your IGTV channel

Keep in mind that IGTV is vertical full frame video!

  1. Share an educational/how-to video
  2. News about a product or service
  3. BTS footage that's longer than stories
  4. An interview (if you don't want to do it LIVE together)
  5. An amazing LIVE you did that was packed with value, save & upload to your channel
  6. A longer highlight reel
  7. Travel films
  8. Q&A 
  9. a mini series
  10. Cooking
  11. Product spotlight/Product in action
  12. Business milestones
  13. Meet the team/introduce yourself
  14. A tour
  15. Day in the life
  16. Reviews (books, products, etc...)
  17. Challenges
  18. Bloopers
  19. Walkthroughs 
  20. Explain the timeline/process of one of your services
  21. Tell a story (IGTV would be a better place if the story will take several or more IG stories to tell)
  22. Recap a blog post. If you have great blog content, why not share it with more people that prefer listening/watching compared to reading?

It will give you the opportunity to create YouTube type content right within the app of Instagram. Our stories are great little bites of content, but now if you have something that will take a lot of stories to share, it might work better on IGTV! Or both? We're all still learning how to best use IGTV.

20+ Ideas for your IGTV Channel

Please comment if you've already tried IGTV! I'd love to check out your channel. 

Also, share IGTV ideas of your own!